Ticket Giveaway for EEG Singing Contest
Featuring Guest Performers Sherman Chung and Alex

EEG Singing Contest Semi-final 2015 organized by Fairchild TV in partnership with Emperor Entertainment will be held on June 15th at Michael J. Fox Theatre. 8 contestants from Super Ten ’15 along with 5 past NTSA contestants will be battling for 3 entry spots into the EEG Singing Contest Final in Hong Kong. The three winners will not only have the chance to represent Vancouver to participate at the EEG Singing Contest, but will also be offered a once in a lifetime opportunity for a management contract with Emperor Entertainment. For this immensely important event, Emperor Entertainment will send two of their artistes, Sherman Chung and Alex, as the judges and special performers for the competition.

Sherman Chung was the winner of the EEG Singing Contest in 2005 and rose to popularity with her hit song, ‘A Letter for Myself’. In recent years, Sherman’s dance number ‘Shout’ and the duet with her sister, Sukie Chung’s ‘SS14’ were both very well-received, winning her the Best Dance Song Award at the J.S.G Awards Presentation 2014. Sherman’s newly released single ‘Changing of Style’ composed with Sukie, is an upbeat dance song that brings inspiration from styles of the 80’s and mixes it with today’s trends to create a revitalized and unique concept. Alex started his music career in Hong Kong through EEG Singing Contest 2008. His powerful vocals earned him many newcomer awards immediately after his debut with a reputation as a very talented singer. In recent years, Alex has focused on composing, writing many hit songs including Sherman’s ‘Love Everyday’. He also took up the role as MC at the Huading Awards with great composure and eloquence.

The two artistes will take the stage with very different styles. Sherman’s energetic dance performance and Alex’s amazing vocal presentation will fill the concert hall with excitement and entertainment. If you are fans of Sherman or Alex, or you want to support local talents at the competition, enter in the contest below for a chance to win tickets to EEG Singing Contest Semi-final 2015. Come witness the birth of a new rising star!

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Question: Please name one of the guest performers for the EEG Singing Contest Semi-final 2015. Please email your answer, name, and contact phone number to game@fairchildtv.com Deadline: July 10th 2015